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Aoican Corporation totally dedicated to supply strong BANDAGES, complete FIRST AID KITS, and other wound care products. We are the manufacturer for last 29 years, we have devoted ourselves to the medical industry and provide the best strong BANDAGES that you are looking for. Our company is an authority on the subject of producing great quality bandages to cut costs by using our production.

Through constant research, we aim to provide you with the best product , about how to best utilize our Bandage Manufacturing capabilities to fit your needs. We promise to find the right solutions for you, and we stand behind every one of our products.

We are the best resource when looking online for a great supplier for these items. Our team of dedicated to the requirements of FDA, CE, and ISO, on the industry, bringing you the most prospective and positive toward our product scope. We aim to cover all range from every angle and provide you with the right resources to make accurate purchasing decisions.

We are a global supplier of high quality cohesive and adhesive bandages. In fact, our company is a medical device manufacturer who is registered with United States FDA.

In addition, we were one of the first medical suppliers to obtain such Quality Control Recognition as: ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 13485: 2003, and CE certificates.

We pride ourselves on our solid reputation for reliable products and innovative solutions.

We have many years of experience in manufacturing disposable medical supplies, has deep insight into the global market place. We manage to meet the worlds demand for these items through efficiency, research & development, quality control, and cost reduction strategies. This is what makes us an industry leading authority on a global scale.

We aim to be the best bandage manufacturer, with the most reliable customer service, and greatly respected medical consumables supplier in the world.


| Address: 281 N. Puente Street, Brea, CA 92821     | Telephone: (626)822-1664  |  Email:  aoicanmed@gmail.com |

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